Nomahacks is the first intercollegiate hackathon in Sonoma County. Participation is open to any currently enrolled student at a 4-year college or junior college.

Hosted by the Sonoma State University Computer Science Club, this is an event produced for students, by students.

We love hackathons, and want to help as many students as possible experience one for themselves. That's why, thanks to our generous sponsors, NomaHacks will be completely free to attend.

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New technologies are changing how our society travels. Creating innovations to help build, operate and optimize transportation presents many challenges but if executed can change the world. Explore possible solutions that could make the world move faster.


A necessary requirement for the future is to ensure that people get access to verified and accurate information on the internet. Tackling misinformation is a monumental task, explore ways we can use technology to increase accuracy


How can we create technology that promotes efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and economically beneficial energy? Powering the world is a tall order, explore ways we can lighten the load.


Submissions are due at 12pm


  • Participants: Over 18 years in age
  • Countries: United States

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,589 in prizes

Best Transportation Hack - RC Helicopter Drone

Up to 4 per team will be awarded

Best Energy Hack - 25000mAh Outdoor Portable Power Bank

Up to 4 per team will be awarded

Best Awareness Hack - Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Up to 4 per team will be awarded

Most Creative Hack - Cooking for Geeks

Cooking for Geeks - Real Science, Great Cookbooks, and Good Food
(Donated by O'Reilly Publishing) Up to 4 per team will be awarded

Best Overall Hack - Collection of O'Reilly Books

A collection of assorted O'Reilly programming books (Donated by O'Reilly Publishing)

Best Use of Automation - $100 Amazon Gift Card

Sponsored prize by Atomist for best use of automation. Up to 4 per team will be awarded.

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How to enter

Go to:

Then click on Apply to Attend, we will be accepting until applications Wednesday, April 3rd.  


Mark Gondree

Mark Gondree
Assistant Professor

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart
Entrepreneur in Residence

Ryan Day

Ryan Day

Judging Criteria

  • Tracks
    The projects that display the tracks the best

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